is as far as i can tell a hallucination .. a mirage .. and nothing more.

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and as for the administration of other countries in Negro-land africa providing safe , hygienic , drink-able water to their peoples across the length and breadth of their various individual countries,

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very frankly, Bey ornyeh artuh nm, i guess individual countries in

Negroland Africa i.e
Sub-Sahara Desert Africa i.e
Sub-Saharan Africa i.e
Black Africa
as different and distinct from Arab Africa / North Africa / Arab North(ern) Africa

have their own individual mechanisms for providing and delivery safe, hygienic water to their peoples.

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however, very candidly,
i really don’t know how about how they provide and deliver safe water to their people or
about whatever it is they do as part of the processes of getting safe water across to their people.

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whether the country is Burundi or Swaziland or Eritrea or Gambia, i really have no idea about their safe water provision mechanistics and/or their safe water delivery mechanistics and i am therefore not in a position to speak for them or engage concerning them in this regards.

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that said, having lived in Nigeria for quite a while now, i can tell you a bit from current observation and from historical observation about the mechanisms and mechanistics for the provision and delivery of safe water to the people in Nigeria.

and what i am going to say here now is essentially based on my understanding and observations regarding the provision and delivery of safe water to the people in :

starting with ONITSHA, Beyonce ornyeh nnkeh nm,
back in the day there used to be a WATER-WORKS in ONITSHA.

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as a matter of fact, there is uptil today JANUARY 2021, an area of ONITSHA generally referred to as WATER-WORKS and this is the area very near the WATER-WORKS itself ?? .

one time far back in the day now .. maybe 1974? 1975 ? .. the WATER-WORKS used to work and supply water through it’s water pipe network buried/laid in the ground to virtually all parts of ONITSHA
i seem to remember that water used to flow in the taps at houses and other buildings in/at

● the Awka Road area of Inland Town, Onitsha
● the Bishop Onyeabo Road area of Inland Town, Onitsha
● the New Cemetery Road area of Inland Town, Onitsha

through / from / via the WATER-WORKS water supply pipe-work.  

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a statue of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe by Ben Enwonwu. Dr. Azikiwe ( Zik ) an Onitsha native was the first black african Governor-General of Nigeria and first President of Nigeria ( at this time Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafewa Balewa was first Prime Minister of Nigeria and de-facto head of the Federal Government of Nigeria. )

by 1987? this was no longer the case.
and many buildings in these areas of ONITSHA and in other areas of ONITSHA as well had provided or begun to provide their own alternative methods of sourcing water.

usually, what they did was to
build a tank
and then buy water from WATER-SALES TANKERS and fill up these tanks and then get water from/via the tanks whenever they needed water.

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some persons connected pipes from the tanks to the inside of their buildings so they could get water from the taps in their kitchens and bathrooms, etc.

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some persons just had a tap at the tank and whenever anyone needed water, that person would go to the tank and fetch the water from there.

persons who had more cash / money to spend in this direction built tanks as well, however, in addition, they had their own electricity driven bore-holes complete with electrically run water pumping machines  which they used to pump water from the bore-holes into the tanks.

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as such persons had more cash / money to spend in providing their own water, invariably most of
.. if not all ..
such persons connected pipes from the tanks to the inside of their buildings so they could get water from the taps in their kitchens and bathrooms, etc

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and there was usually no compelling need to use any tap located at near the tank as the sole source-point of water in the premises.

Bey nnkeh nm, i really have no idea why the  WATER-WORKS stopped supplying water through it’s water pipe network in ONITSHA. however, i do remember periods when i have been at ONITSHA between 1974? and 1987? and have heard folks unhappy with the situation rumour stuff like :

ndi ori. fa ncha nine bu ndi ori.
ndi oshi. fa kpacha anya we mebie the water-works so that fa ga enwe ike iji water-tank fa we na ele nmili.
o maka na fa cho imake their own personal money ka fa ji we mebie the waterworks.
o maka na fa cho imake ego nke fa ka fa ji we mebie the waterworks.

which written using the SPELLING OF OUR OWN EEBOE writes, spells and read as :  

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nnde oh-ree. fah nnchar neenay buh nnde oh-ree.
nnde oh-shee. fah kpahchar-arnyah weh meh-be-ae the water-works so that fah gar eh-nweh eekae eee-jee water-tank fah weh nar eh-leh nnmeelee.
orr mahkah-nah fah chorr eee-make their own personal money ka fah jee weh meh-be-ae the waterworks.
orr mah-kah nah fah chorr eee-make ae-goh nnkeh fah ka fah jee weh meh-be-ae the waterworks.

and which TRANSLATED INTO THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE more or less means :

thieves. all of them are thieves.
thieves. they deliberately spoilt the water-works so that they can use their own water-tanks to sell water.
it is because they want to make their own personal money that they spoilt the waterworks.
it is because they want to make their own money that they spoilt the waterworks.

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in effect, Bey nm,
what i am saying is that as far as I know,
as at date JANUARY 2021,
most people .. if not everyone .. in ONITSHA provide their own water
for themselves and by themselves
water is not provided for the residents of ONITSHA either by
the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of NIGERIA or any of it’s agencies
or by
the ANAMBRA STATE government OR ANY of it’s agencies.

Beyonce, aezeegboh ornyeh nnkeh nm, i believe i am in possession of the right information i.e accurate information.
however, i will accept correction if the information i have is neither correct nor accurate.

[ END OF (1) ]


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