██ [3] INDIAN JOURNAL OF SURGERY ? Indian J Surg :
[ link address : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4039689/ ]says in the paper titled
Vesicovaginal Fistula: Diagnosis and Management
Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) is an abnormal opening between the bladder and the vagina that results in continuous and unremitting urinary incontinence. The entity is one among the most distressing complications of gynecologic and obstetric procedures. The existence of VVF is believed to have been known to the physicians of ancient Egypt, with examples present in mummies before 2,000 years bc. The literature on the subject is extensive, but is largely based on anecdote, small retrospective case series and opinion rather than on fact.

you will also observe that throughout all of that too, these professionals didn’t mention the rectum or any other part of the digestive canal/tract whether upper or lower.

so where does this general information come from ? among lay persons that says that

vesico-vaginal fistula (vvf ) is a condition that arises when a female is delivering a baby and then the membranes in her body tear with the worrisome result that thereafter when she shits i.e stools, defeacates / defecates, excretes the excreta/shit/faeces/feces passes it out from the wrong opening i.e from her reproductive tract channel instead of coming out from the anus / anal orifice / shit-hole which is the place it normally comes out from and should normally come out from.

i really have no idea.

it’s probably just another case of
→ only partially-correct information
→ only half-correct information
→ in-complete information
→ in-correct information
→ in-accurate information.

that’s probably so because

██ [4] MAYO CLINIC :
[ link address : https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/vaginal-fistulas/symptoms-causes/syc-20355762 ]
A vaginal fistula is an abnormal opening that connects your vagina to another organ, such as your bladder, colon or rectum. Your doctor might describe the condition as a hole in your vagina that allows stool or urine to pass through your vagina.
Vaginal fistulas can develop as a result of an injury, a surgery, an infection or radiation treatment. Whatever the cause of your fistula, you may need to have it closed by a surgeon to restore normal function.

There are several types of vaginal fistulas:

●●(i)  Vesicovaginal fistula. Also called a bladder fistula, this opening occurs between your vagina and urinary bladder and is the type that doctors see most often.
●●(ii) Ureterovaginal fistula. This type of fistula happens when the abnormal opening develops between your vagina and the ducts that carry urine from your kidneys to your bladder (ureters).
●●(iii) Urethrovaginal fistula. In this type of fistula, also called a urethral fistula, the opening occurs between your vagina and the tube that carries urine out of your body (urethra).
●●(iv) Rectovaginal fistula. In this type of fistula, the opening is between your vagina and the lower portion of your large intestine (rectum).
●●(v) Colovaginal fistula. With a colovaginal fistula, the opening occurs between the vagina and colon.
●●(vi) Enterovaginal fistula. In this type of fistula, the opening is between the small intestine and the vagina.

so, you can see from ●●(iv) Rectovaginal fistula which says that :

“In this type of fistula, the opening is between your vagina and the lower portion of your large intestine (rectum)”

that that scenario described in the only-partially correct? information? going about in Nigeria about faeces coming out from the vaginal orifice/opening is probably talking about Rectovaginal fistula and that
Rectovaginal fistula is only one of the 6? types of vaginal fistula just like
Vesicovaginal fistula is only just another one of the 6? types of vaginal fistula.

this brilliant exposition by MAYO CLINIC is note-worthy for it’s clarification of the different types of vaginal fistula that occur.

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