Month: September 2021

Moriah nnkeh nm, there is .. no sensible reason .. or reasonable excuse .. or sensible logic .. as to why this far into time ( circa 2021 A.D ), Nigeria HAS NOT LONG SINCE VERY MANY YEARS AGO been manufacturing cars and other vehicle types from 100% locally sourced raw materials and exporting 100% MADE IN NIGERIA cars and vehicles to every continent in the world. (1)

i mean, Moriah nnkeh nm ( nkeh m ) ( nkem ), ⏺️ car ( auto-mobile ) manufacturing is PRODUCTION,… Read More

Chidinma ohbee nm ( obi m ) ( obim ) there might be very good results if the Ministers of the Gospel .. and the Church as a whole .. channel strong, consistent and sustained efforts towards getting rid of some still currently prevailing wicked, oppressive and cruel cultural practices / traditional practices / historically inherited practices against women folk and girl folk i.e female folks in the igbo /ibo language speaking areas of Nigeria

and Chidinma eefeh artuh nm ( ifeatu m ), there is really no point or value derived ifpeople from the… Read More

IRENE OHBEE NM, with specific reference to your post of 29 August 2021 on SOCIAL MEDIA reflecting BLACK NEGROLAND AFRICA CULTURE, it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC that persons of NEGROLAND AFRICA DESCENT in the INTERNATIONAL BLACK DIASPORA are aware of the HISTORICAL CULTURES of BLACK NEGROLAND AFRICA. all the same though, it is my view that FOLKS of BLACK NEGROLAND AFRICA DESCENT around the world should key in on the current advantages ( e.g easier access ) in COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY WORLDWIDE, including stuff like WHATSAPP, SOCIAL MEDIA, the INTERNET generally, VOICE TELEPHONY, VIDEOS ON ANDROID PHONES, ETC to enable themselves become more conversant with their CURRENT REALITIES AROUND THE WORLD

Irene ohbee nm ( obi m ) ( obim ), your post mentions the names/words Osun, Obatala, Obembe?, Orisha. these… Read More