you know, Victoria Cakes ormahleechar nm ( omalicham ), the shocking inability of Nigeria to resolve all or most of it’s identified key economic challenges over the past several years since 1989? has given rise to rumours that there are persons benefitting from the socio-economic problems in the environment and who strongly manueuvre to ensure that the overall status of economic malaise? remains in place even if it is manifestly to the detriment of the quality of life of the ordinary Nigeria residents.

and the rumours say this is because the ordinary Nigeria residents ask themselves : how is a problem solved ?… Read More

Victoria Cakes obim ( obi m ) ( obi nm ) ( ohbee nm ), it’s probably going to require a dedicated, consistent, continous genuine effort in at least 3 key areas each of whose impact is transmitted .. and therefore felt .. across the length and breadth of the Nigeria economy [ .. concurrent with pragmatic, goal-oriented efforts in other areas .. ] for the Nigeria economy to get back on it’s feet. (1)

Victoria Cakes omalicham ( omalicha m ) (omalicha nm ) ( ormahleechar nm ), it is probably best that i… Read More