as far as i can tell,
the information that Nigeria has CALIFORNIUM
is as at date 17 June, 2023
information that is widely known
among the general Nigeria citizenry
among the generality of Nigeria residents

even among the more educated and/or more informed folks
who (may) know that
Nigeria has

high quantities of
naturally occurring

COAL e.g in Enugu State, Benue State
IRON ORE e.g Kogi State
BITUMEN e.g Ondo State

and fair or high quantities of
naturally occurring

GOLD e.g Osun State
DIAMONDS e.g Plateau State

as far as i can tell,
it is not information that
as at date 17 June, 2023
is widely circulated or mentioned or referred to
in/on Nigeria social media platforms
and/or on Nigeria mainstream media platforms
the way that
information about Petrol / Gasoline and Gas
mentioned or referred to.

which is frankly
very shocking really
since according to rumours

just one (1) gramme of CALIFORNIUM costs USD $27,000,000

so if Nigeria has huge quantities of CALIFORNIUM
Nigeria can earn huge revenue from harnessing it’s CALIFORNIUM RESOURCES.

Anita ormahleechar nm ( omalicha nm ),
the thing about rumours is that
often times
they can be very misleading

they often-times
contain distortions and/or mis-representations

and at times
they are made up of outright falsehoods and fallacy.



and in the instance of
this CALIFORNIUM being naturally occurring in Nigeria
the individual would do well to
proceed with some caution since
information available via GOOGLE SEARCH on the internet suggests that

CALIFORNIUM is not a naturally occurring element in nature

it can be manufactured / produced scientifically from a combination of different materials
including URANIUM ( URANIUM-238? )

URANIUM ( URANIUM-238? ) is found as a naturally occurring element in
Borno State, Northern Nigeria, Nigeria

so really
what the Nigeria Administration should look at
the value or otherwise of doing
regarding URANIUM (URANIUM-238?)

.. if it has not done so already ..


determining if the quantity of URANIUM available in Nigeria is high enough
for it to be a revenue earner for Nigeria

creating a ministry like the Ministry of Petroleum? Resources?
in this instance
a Ministry of Uranium? Resources?
regulate and over-see
the mining of Uranium in Nigeria
Nigeria owned Uranium mining entities, if any,
International Uranium mining entities


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