Month: May 2023

learnings from the British political process – how come Liz Truss defeated i.e overcame notable competition in the competitive process of election/selection of/for U.K Prime Minister, which process amongst other? rigours?, featured live debate(s) in which she outlined her economic policy / economic agenda for Britain should she emerge as Prime Minister AND YET when she did become Prime Minister, the SAME U.K that had elected her as Prime Minister reacted negatively when her administration embarked on the process of implementing the VERY SAME POLICIES / POLICY she had outlined during the competitive process and based on which proposed economic template the VERY SAME U.K had shortly earlier elected her into office as DE FACTO U.K Prime Minister ???

the U.K has for several hundreds of years now been a leading world economy. the economic and administrative capacity of Britain was demonstrated per excellence globally per excellence globally for…

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