and it is important for the relevant authorities in Nigeria to realise that BAD ROADS CONTRIBUTE TO VEHICLE ACCIDENTS ON THE HIGH-WAYS and in many instances

and so
there is strong value in fixing the bad sections of the inter-state roads
and in
maintaining the roads in a very good motorable state all year long

even if only to reduce the number of persons in Nigeria who die
suddenly and unexpectedly
in and via motor-vehicle accidents.

in some sections of the inter-state roads between Onitsha and Lagos
there are several pot-holes
which makes the journey bumpy and un-comfortable
and slows down the speed of the journey

and most worryingly constitutes a potential and actual source of road accidents

as any driver who runs into them at high speed
risks losing control of the vehicle ( ◀️ GOD FORBID ).

that travellers take to avoid going into BENIN-CITY, EDO STATE
also needs to be worked on as vehicles feel a big bump when they get unto it

which is worrisome, scary and frightening

and is in it’s very circumstance a potential source of danger as
a vehicle that runs into that bump at very high speed
may get thrown off that bridge ( ◀️ GOD FORBID )
or possibly hit other vehicles if the driver loses control ( ◀️ GOD FORBID ).

By sam

Samuel Ojekwe is essentially just your basic everyday fellow that you see in your neighbourhood while you go about doing your stuff and who, like you, wishes and hopes that the world becomes a better place for all of us.

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