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would you ? shortlist AGRICULTURE
after-all agriculture is very important for many reasons.
for example, the provision of food is critical to the well being of any nation.
besides, it is a revenue earner both domestically and internationally.

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Pam ohbee nm, would you ? shortlist HEALTHCARE FOR ALL  
since healthcare is vital to the survival and well being of any nation and people. so it will definitely be a plus if good healthcare is made available at affordable costs to everyone whether in the village or city.

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or perhaps Pam nkeh nm, you would ? shortlist DECENT AFFORDABLE ACCOMODATION FOR ALL since decent accommodation has positive effects on the psychological and physical well-being of human-beings ?  

i wonder if perhaps you would ? probably shortlist


especially given the

inherent suppression and oppression of women and girls in the native cultures of many of the Nigeria tribes e.g the ibo / igbo tribe where

women / girls are not allowed by culture and tradition to inherit landed properties of their late dad

women are thrown out of their husband’s house ( with their children ) when he dies and the house inherited by male relatives of his.

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and i also wonder if perhaps you would ? short-list

where people work against the interests of other persons simply because they come from a Nigeria tribe other than their own.
this is a real issue with a very negative impact and there have been administrations in Nigeria that have been accused of by highly ethnically biased in carrying out administration functions.

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in any case,
i suppose, Pam nnmaah nm, that the truth and the reality is that
there are whole lots of sectors of the economy that can
if correctly wired and revved up
have profound beneficial impact on the quality of life and standard of living of Nigeria residents and the Nigeria peoples.

and i also suppose any such short-list would vary according to the perception and understanding of the person(s) drawing up the short-list.

for me, Pam ornyeh arnyih jee ar-mah artuh, i guess i would drive that short-list from the view-point of those issues that if sorted out and/or adroitly managed would have an effect across virtually all other sectors of the Nigeria socio-economic space.

and those areas would be :

1. THE VALUE OF THE NAIRA : unless a person is blind, dumb, deaf and dense the person will see very distinctly all the woes that have befallen Nigeria residents, Nigeria citizens and the Nigeria economy since the application of the devaluation policy began in 1989?
ranging from
● retrenchment off staff and workers in companies
● loss of purchasing power of the Nigeria naira
● loss of investor confidence in the Nigeria economy
through to
Nigerians becoming slaves in Libya, etc while on a bid to get to the better managed economies of Europe.
Nigerians dying in the Mediterranean Sea while on a bid to seek economic sustenance in Spain, Italy and other parts of Europe via the old Western Africa to Sahara Desert to North Africa to Europe slave? trade? route?
Nigerians becoming pornographic movie actors and actresses right here in Nigeria in a bid to achieve economic sustenance and not die of hunger
etc, etc, etc

so you don’t really need to be smart or even brilliant in any way at all to figure out that
if all of these woes had the same cause i.e had a common primary causative factor
and this factor, un-deniably, is the devaluation of the Naira
if you revert the Naira to it’s strength before the devaluation before,
all the woes linked to the devaluation would gradually ameliorate over time and eventually disappear.

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2. ELECTRICITY : virtually everything runs on electricity in the world of today 2020 and even your basic comfort in your house is affected by the availability or absence of electricity.
so, it’s really no great brain work to figure out that Nigeria needs to provide electricity 24 hours a day, everyday, across all Nigeria at an affordable price.

3. ROADS AND ROAD MAINTENANCE : the importance of good, well managed motorable roads for intra-city, inter-city and inter-state transactions is self-evident.
Nigeria needs to ensure that all the inter-state roadways and intra-state roads are in good state and regularly maintained.
the impact of this on the movement of goods and services and therefore also on the very availability of those goods and services as well as on their costs cannot be denied.

4. SECURITY OF LIVES AND PROPERTIES : with all the reports everywhere of
attacks by terrorist groups,
killings, rapings and maimings by Fulani-tribe cow rearers i.e Fulani-tribe herds men,
it is self-evident that the security of the lives and properties of Nigeria residents is a front-burner.

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and in this area there is a need for administration to take the approach that every single individual Nigerian should be educated to tertiary level and that
the funding for this education and
the institutions where this education is given
should be provided by the Nigeria administration.

if Nigeria were in real terms a financially / economically poor country, then the issue would have been that the country is not financially / economically  capable of embarking on such an investment.
however, the tales of graft and persons caught for graft ( e.g by the EFCC ) and the amounts mentioned give credence to the proposal that, if correctly managed, the funds historically and currently accruable to the Nigeria administration can provide high quality education from primary school level to tertiary level for every single Nigerian ..and indeed for all of Western Africa.

[ EFCC  = Econonic and Financial Crimes Comission ]
[ some reference link addresses :(1) https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-39588796 { Nigeria’s EFCC ‘finds $43m in Lagos flat’ } { Published 13 April 2017 }

(2) https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-nigeria-ibori-idUSBRE98I0XA20130919 { Nigerian governor gave $15 million cash bribe in bag, court hears } { September 19, 2013 }

(3) https://www.facebook.com/officialefcc/posts/efcc-docks-man-for-multi-million-naira-fraud-in-kadunathe-efcc-on-wednesday-nove/2696812113674595/ ]

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you know, Pam nnmaah nar ar-puh orkuh, every individual has their own individual value system and their own individual priority system and priority assessment / valuation mechanism.

all the same, Pam ormaahleechar dahleen nm, i aver that these 5 areas have an impact that resonates across virtually all other sectors of the economy and if addressed as priority / major areas of concern
.. especially in concert with credible efforts in other areas ..
the collateral effect across the Nigeria socio-economic landscape would be very positive.

i stand to be corrected ………

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