i mean, Iggy aezeegboh ohbee nm, let’s take a look at this :

electricity is not a new comer to Nigeria

electricity is not a new thing to and/or in Nigeria

electricity has been around for a while now in Nigeria

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█ first, there was the ELECTRICITY COMPANY OF NIGERIA ( popularly called ECN ) way back in the day then which was generating for Nigeria
and supplying i.e distributing the generated electricity across Nigeria.

( you can Google this, Iggy eefeh artuh nm, and see what shows up )
( reference link address : https://www.unitips24.com/full-list-of-electricity-distribution-companies-in-nigeria/ )

this company i.e ECN installed electricity meters in many buildings across Nigeria as far back as the 1960s.

then at some point, some influential and powerful folks in Nigeria had a brain-wave? as a result of which the name ECN was changed to NEPA.

( you can cross-check this, Iggy ornyeh artuh nm, however, i believe my memory serves correctly that NEPA was not a new company birthed from scratch as NEPA and was in fact the ECN which had a name change consequent upon which it subsequently came to be referred to as NEPA )

( by the way, Iggy aezeegboh ornyeh nnkeh nm, i hope you still remember that
NEPA = National Electricity Power Authority of Nigeria
ECN = Electricity Company of Nigeria )

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NEPA did a fairly good job in the 1970s
regarding generating electricity and distributing electricity across Nigeria
… at least as far as 1979 … according to rumours

( Iggy nm, the rumours actually rumour that
in 1979
General Olusegun Obasanjo, Military Ruler i.e Military Head of State of Nigeria
handed over power i.e handed over the rule and governance of Nigeria

GENERAL OLUSEGUN OBASANJO, Military Ruler i.e Military Head of State of Nigeria from
14? February, 1976 to October? 1?, 1979 and later civilian democratically elected President of Nigeria after the death of Nigeria Army GENERAL SANNI ABACHA then Military Ruler i.e Military Head of State of Nigeria

a democratically elected
civilian President Alhaji Shehu Shagari

Eight interesting facts about Nigeria's first executive president, Shehu  Shagari - Daily Post Nigeria
ALHAJI SHEHU SHAGARI, President of Nigeria 1979 – 1983. also in 1984 before the military
coup that brought Nigeria Army GENERAL MUHAMMADU BUHARI ( now civilian democratically elected President of nigeria as at date January 2021 ) to power as Military Ruler i.e Military Head of State of Nigeria in 1984

and that

this President Alhaji Shehu Shagari government / administration
foundation-stoned on a COALITION FOR GOVERNANCE
the NATIONAL PARTY OF NIGERIA ( NPN ) i.e the Political Party to which President Alhaji Shehu Shagari belonged to and was a member of
the NATIONAL PARTY OF NIGERIA ( NPP ) headed by the Right Honourable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe

so squandered all of the several millions of dollars ( and naira )

● Nigeria’s coffers,
● Nigeria’s internal / domestic accounts / monies,
● Nigeria’s external reserves

within that same 1979
barely a few weeks or months after taking over from the General Obasanjo administration,

Nigeria had no money to pay salaries of federal and state civil servants of Nigeria
and was wondering what to do
until someone had the bright? idea that

NEPA has a lot of money
.. more than enough money that can pay all these salaries ..
why don’t we take money from NEPA and pay these salaries ?

whereupon the government checked and saw that this was true
and then took some money from NEPA

and from then on began to take money from NEPA now and again.
and also, from then onwards,
NEPA became the focus of attention of all manners of people

because of

the kind of huge volumes of money it had at it’s command
the kind of huge volumes of money it had at it’s disposal 
the kind of huge volumes of money it generated

and because of

the kind of volumes of money it that it could generate through-out the year, every year, year in – year out

and the rest is history …. )

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all of this is all just pure rumours, Iggy ornyeh nnkeh nm,
however there was a superb documentary done around about that time
by the magnificent Onyeka Onwenu
which was highly acclaimed here in Nigeria and internationally and titled


or so and which if you can get to will give you some sort of idea about the squander-mania that many? powerful and influential people in Nigeria embarked on around about that time.

Iggy nm, i have searched far and wide for that video documentary
to no end and also to no avail
on the internet and specifically also at youtube
with a view to posting it up here.
perhaps, with the high-end resources available to you and at your disposal you can get a copy of that video documentary.

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