it doesn’t really matter whether it is a dance .. like that hot “bump” dancing style of the 1970s.

it doesn’t really matter whether it is a dressing style .. like those superb flare-bottomed .. bell-botttomed .. trousers of the 1970s popularly called BONGO TROUSERS here in Nigeria.

it doesn’t matter whether it is a way of doing things .. like that PHONETICS or as it was popularly called in the general Nigeria colloquial everyday English among the people then FOH-NEH .. which everyone was either speaking or attempting to speak back then in the 1970s here in Nigeria.

they all come and go.

they all come and are the very fad for a while.

and anyone who is not “with it” is “not current” and somewhat “out of it”.

a pretty un-comfortable state of being who those who like to keep up with the Joneses.

they come. these styles and fads.
they come.

and they are very hot.

everyone who is anyone is doing it.

everyone who is anyone is a part of it.

Rihanna: the pop star who became a fashion powerhouse | Fashion | The  Guardian

and so the rest of society who look for direction at the pace-setters and trend-setters all copy it and join in
so that they can just be .. at least in their own opinion .. just exactly like
the pace-setters .. the trend-setters .. and the leaders and influencers of opinion.

and then after a while the styles and fads go away.
they all go way.
after a while.

and then another thing .. another style .. another way of doing things .. becomes all the rage.

at least for a while anyway.

and then the circle continues and repeats itself.


sometimes the styles return and then go away again.

sometimes the styles / fads never return.

it’s all so transient.
this thing called living and life.

was it? The Right Honourable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe,
Statesman Extra-ordinary,
who when asked how he felt now in 1972? to see
his tribe .. the Igbo/Ibo tribe .. and the other {South-}Easterners .. as a
now marginalized and defeated-in-war-within-Nigeria people
when he had personally being at the front vanguard of Nationalism in Nigeria and
had personally encouraged the entire Eastern Region and other Nigerians along that path of Nigeria Nationalism
as against treading the path of Nigeria tribalism / Nigeria Ethnic Prejudice / Nigeria Ethic Sectionalism who
like the incontrovertible sage / embodiment of wisdom that he was said


Biography of Nnamdi Azikiwe ▷

and thence and thus
introduced that phraseology into the general Nigeria English Language parlance ?

just as he had introduced all those other “big-big grammars” in Nigeria use of English like

while his admirers did their best to copy him and follow suit and thus introduced stuff like

derivative of his popularly nickname ZIK .. ZIK OF AFRICA
a nickname itself derived from his surname AZIKIWE

History of the Afro Hairstyle | LoveToKnow

where is that lovely Afro hair style of the 1970s now ?

Who is Ray Parker Jr. dating? Ray Parker Jr. girlfriend, wife

where is that popular “Ray Parker Junior” hair-style of the 1980s now ?

and what was that thing some black male folks started doing with their hair in the 1980s ?

jerry-curl .. I think that’s what the called it.


Jheri Curl look. Express yourself. | Jheri curl, Curled hairstyles, African  american men

where are jerry curls now ? and how many guys are wearing jerry curls now today 2021 ?

there was a dance style called TWIST or so that was a rage here in Nigeria in the 1960s.
where is it now ?

i remember some older relatives promising of their own free-will and initiative to teach me how to dance the WALTZ or so when i grew old enough.
it never happened.
thing got so obsolete there was just no point.

Rihanna Helped Kill Victoria's Secret's Fashion Show Business

who ever taught that the word DISCO .. DISCO MUSIC .. DISCOTHEQUE .. would ever disappear from general world usage.

Disco Baby - Wikipedia


you name it and/or you name them.

Van McCoy - Disco Baby - YouTube


you name it and/or you name then.

every one everywhere was doing DISCO and dancing to DISCO MUSIC

Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony - Disco Baby (1976, Vinyl) | Discogs

run that term DISCO now by the trend-setters among the youth anywhere in the world now 2021
and i guess you will most likely draw a blank

Rihanna Will Show Her Fenty X Puma Collection At Paris Fashion Week

there was a very popular Negroland Africa roots style dance here in Nigeria called AJASCO one time.

probably only grand-fathers, great-grandfathers, some fathers and
only grand-mothers, great-grandmothers, some mothers
know that term now.

and so i wonder how long this TWERKING FAD is going to last

all the beautiful babes are doing it.

black babes. white babes. asian babes.
all the beautiful babes everywhere are twerking

i saw the HUSTLE come and go

Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony - Disco Baby / The Hustle (1975, Vinyl)  | Discogs
this photo was sourced from the internet
The Hustle: Disco, Funk & Soulful House Dance Party - Home | Facebook
this photo was sourced from the internet

i saw that one from Negro-land Africa .. AWILO or MAKOSSA or so .. come and go.

the way the bodies of Negro-land Africa women move when they dance to that music
i had guessed that dance style would never go.  

it’s not reigning anymore now and
it is more or less gone now, isn’t it ?
at least, it is no longer the leading dance style here in Nigeria or is it still ?

this TWERKING thing is everywhere now.

go to INSTAGRAM and you can get stuck watching those babes TWERKING there if you are not careful.

have you seen BEYONCE twerk ?

Pin for Later: 28 Beyoncé Dance Moves That Will Make Your Soul Shiver This  Masterful Twerking | Beyonce beyhive, Beyonce queen, Beyonce

have you seen NICOLE COCO AUSTIN twerk ?

Twerking: 17 sexiest celebrities Twerking GIFS
this gif was also sourced from the internet

have you seen RIHANNA twerk ?

have you seen the Nigerian beauty COSSY ORJIAKOR twerk ?

Why my marriage may not last for a month – Cossy Orjiakor ⋆

have you seen NICKI MINAJ twerk ?

Nicki Minaj Twerking GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

have you seen SERENA WILLIAMS twerk ?

what is that Nigeria use of English word that describes all magnificent happenstances ?


i think that’s the word. isn’t it the word ?

all that twerking is eye-riveting and absolutely exquisite to behold.

well, so also were the high-heeled shoes i.e platform shoes and the slim-fit shirts and the afro hair-do.

60s - 70s Mens Bell Bottom Jeans, Flares, Disco Pants | 70s fashion  trending, 70s fashion disco, 70s fashion men
Remember the terrible fashion trends from the '70s we all wore - Starts at  60
platform shoes ( high-heels )

Booty Shaking by female folks has been on through-out all world history.

one time too there was this thing called BELLY DANCING that seemed to come from .. ASIA ? .. THE ARAB WORLD ? .. THE ORIENT ? .. and those sort of places and cultures .. INDIA ?, .. TURKEY ?, .. OMAN ?

so i guess females ( and males too ) will probably always move their body in one way or the other as part of dance, fun, recreation, entertainment, cultural festivals and related activities.

all the same, i wonder how long .. 10 years .. 20 years .. 30 years .. forever ? .. that this variant of female body shaking in dance and female booty shaking in dance called TWERKING will last

i suppose the emerging future and it’s history will tell.

by the way, again, have you seen RIHANNA twerk ?

moves her body like an ibo / igbo tribe Nigeria female in dance that Rihanna when she dances.

24 Best Rihanna Quotes - Words to Live By: Rihanna

often has me wondering
.. looks, sunshine smile, height, skin shade, natural body movements and all ..
if she isn’t from ONITSHA, NIGERIA that RIHANNA

that RIHANNA …
fine babe, that RIHANNA …
beautiful babe, that RIHANNA …
in many ways an absolute gem, that RIHANNA …

Rihanna's best fashion moments of all time | Gallery |

that RIHANNA ………

Rihanna Wins Her First-Ever Fashion Award for Fenty | Glamour

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