1️????? Cherokee D’ass : basically,
Yohanna nnkeh nm ( nkem ),
regarding your highly rated Dr. Ass Job endeavours

in the industry,
you hold a career track record of
demonstrable solid high achievement
demonstrable solid high performance

and you are a top professional in the industry.

specialist knowledge,
specialized knowledge,
specialist information,
specialized information,
specialist skills,
specialized skills

that you have garnered and acquired over the years
persistent effort
the industry

forms part of the substance
of what you have channelled into the Dr. Ass Job endeavours.

there is not much information in the public space as to
whether you considered it worthwhile to
complement your practical knowledge and practical experience
in the industry
linkable degrees and/or certification
Ph.D in Counselling
Ph.D in Therapy.

??‍♂️➡️ 2?

2️????? Cherokee D’ass : CONTINUED FROM 1?
for whatever it may be worth,
there are universities and centres of learning/study in the USA
offer degrees and certification in
the specialized area / specialist area
Therapy / Counselling / Knowledge

? at foundation level

? at undergraduate level ( ?? International Use of English. USA describes this as graduate level )

? at post-graduate level ( ?? Ph.D, M.A, M.Sc, M.Phil )

and USA also has options for

? on-line learning

? on campus learning

for these programmes
in the different universities/centres of learning
offer degree/certification programmes in this
specialized area / specialist area of knowledge.

you may wish to,
at your convenience,
explore these offers
and see if there is anyone that you like.

it is possible that
you may wish to start at foundation level and work your way up to the Ph.D degree.

it may be of value for you to look at
Universities/centres of learning in the USA where
considerable work experience
considerable practical knowledge
in that field

can enable you to proceed directly into the
M.A, M.Sc or higher programmes.

??‍♂️➡️ 3️⃣

3️????? Cherokee D’ass : CONTINUED FROM 2️?
the reality is that in the academia
in the universities/centres of learning, etc

this area is a specialized area / specialist area
Counselling / Therapy / Knowledge

there are not extremely huge numbers of persons in the area / field

so it might even be possible that you may come across a University/centre of learning that may look at

? your extensive career experience
? your diverse career knowledge
? your extensive connections in the industry
in the USA
around the world
.. which could translate to a readily accessible pool of knowledge for them ..

based on your curriculum vitae / track record
invite you
to join the faculty/department
as a lecturer ..
as a resource person ..
etc ..

who knows ?

in any case,
Dr. Yohanna Renee Kerr, Ph.D
does kind of have a nice ring to it.

just like
Professor Yohanna Renee Kerr.

by the way,
Yohanna nnkeh nm ( nkem ),
the linked photos to these 3 comments
are screen-shots
of some of the stuff that came up when
i went to the Google Search Bar
on this android phone
keyed in

? Universities in USA that offer degree programs in S✴️✴️ Therapy

? Universities in USA that offer degree programs in S✴️✴️ Counselling

? Universities in USA that offer degree programs in S✴️✴️ology

got to run now, Yohanna nnkeh nm ( nkem )

remain terrific ???

Cheers !!!!!!!!!

Samuel Ojekwe

Nigeria. West(ern) Africa. Africa.


NOTA BENE i.e N.B : regarding the copied and pasted stuff above,
[1] for S✴️✴️ Therapy read Sex Therapy
[2] for S✴️✴️ Counselling read Sex Counselling
[3] for S✴️✴️ology read Sexology

P.S : Yohanna, i have
… because of you … :
since deleted the above stuff from the website
where i had posted them up as comments at a photo of yours
at one of your pages there at time

from where i copied and pasted the above stuff from

at where i had also shared the comments along with the linked photo of yours there.

i have no intention whatsoever of re-posting the comments there.

for whatever it may be worth
for whatever value it may have
below are
some definitions that may have some relevance and/or value :

A.1. ????? Definition of Sex Therapy

A.2. ????? Definition of Sex Counselling

A.3. ????? Definition of Sexology

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Samuel Ojekwe is essentially just your basic everyday fellow that you see in your neighbourhood while you go about doing your stuff and who, like you, wishes and hopes that the world becomes a better place for all of us.

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