and so again,
NAOMI OSAKA, fine babe,

[1] QUESTION : in what year did this happen ?
[1] ANSWER : 2020

[2] QUESTION : did you or anyone else see i.e observe any sleights of hand ?
and /or
any other shenanigans or simillar charlatan-type magic by the match umpire ?
[2] ANSWER : no

[3] QUESTION : so she won on merit
[3] ANSWER : yep. merit. pure merit. clean. clear.

[4] QUESTION : who did she compete against in the finals match ?

[5] ANSWER : yep. VIKA. yours truly : VICTORIA AZARENKA, world super-star.

[6] QUESTION : and where was The Greatest Of All Time ; SERENA WILLIAMS ?
when all this was happening ?
out essentially due to a knee, foot, leg or waist injury ? or a fall ? or something that affected her game negatively ?
[6] ANSWER : SERENA was right there – LIVE.
she had been beaten / defeated by VIKA in the SEMI-FINALS
and after that VIKA moved on into the FINALS to face NAOMI

[7] QUESTION : wow !!!!!!!!!
are you going to do a WINNER O O O for NAOMI ?
and what about VIKA ?
she deserves a WINNER O O O too for taking second place and for everything
i.e for hanging in there and doing a come back like this one.

and what about your darling SERENA ?
are you going to leave her out of the WINNER O O O’s ?
after-all she didn’t win either FIRST PLACE POSITION or SECOND PLACE POSITION
and she was leading VIKA 6-1 before she lost focus? applied a defective? strategy?
lost the second match/set of the game 3-6 to VIKA who had the superior strategy for the match and day, applied it and manifested it as a winning strategy to beat SERENA in an un-argue-able winning 6-3 game in the 3rd match/set of the game ?
[7] ANSWER : don’t know yet.
this ” telepathy thing ” is giving me certain vibes in that regards that i am not sure i understand why they are all sending me those finitely precise thought-waves
making me remember that hit-track from one black USA music group back in the day that had some lyrics that went something like :
my mind’s playing tricks on me ……

[8] QUESTION : notice any interesting thing about that
NAOMI’s winning score-line 1-6, 6-3, 6-3 over VIKA in the FINALS MATCH ? wasn’t that exactly the same
VIKA’s i.e VICTORIA’s winning score-line 1-6, 6-3, 6-3 over SERENA in their SEMI-FINALS MATCH ?
[8] ANSWER : yeah.
SERENA seems to have this ability to dictate the pace of a match / game and determine the exact scores of the match.
maybe NAOMI has the same gift / talent too and is just about beginning to display it in the public space.
who knows ? time will tell.

interesting too that there was a write-up at the US Open website before the N.OSAKA vs. V.AZARENKA match about EGO BEING VIKA’s GREATEST CHALLENGE.
didn’t read the article though
but when you realize that

technical competence,
on-court game strategy,
off-court manoeuvrings,
common sense .. just plain, ordinary, simple old common sense ..,
state of physical fitness,

all combine to play a role in determining the winner in sports competitions with the
net result that the best player / most talented player may not win a competition
and it is usually the best competitor who wins
.. sometimes with lesser talent ..
but with

superior strategy,
superior technical understanding,
superior mental preparedness to win,
superior mind-set geared-ness to win

then you guess maybe an article about EGO BEING SERENA’s GREATEST CHALLENGE should also have been done somewhere that SERENA would see it and read it before that V.AZARENKA vs. S.WILLIAMS match.

[9] QUESTION : so are you going to do a WINNER O O O ?
[9] ANSWER : not sure yet.
depends on the final decision from them all via their “telepathy thing”.
sounds crazy, doesn’t it ?

in any case, i’m still trying to figure out why NIGERIA is still so un-willing to provide 24 hours a day affordable electricity across Nigeria.
there was hardly any electricity at all here in Oyadiran Estate, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos State, Yoruba-land, Nigeria on that SAT.12.09.(SEP).2020 day of the match.

the electricity providers gave us electricity for maybe? 3 hours? sometime in the later afternoon / early evening hours of that SAT.12.09.(SEP).2020 day of the finals match but about 30? minutes before the match was due to start the electricity went off
the electricity black-out lasted well into the evening maybe? 06:30? PM of the next day SUN.13.09.(SEP).2020.

those Nigerians that life, nature and God have placed in positions to administer Nigeria seem to by and large have deliberately decided :
(a) not to invest in up-lifting the quality of utilities across all Nigeria
(b) not to put in place world-class infrastructure across all Nigeria
this sheer incompetence that is being seen
in the incessant and frequent power outages across Nigeria
● despite the oil wealth and natural resources wealth of Nigeria
● despite the abundance of engineers, technicians, technocrats, administrators of Nigeria origin,
● despite the sufferings of the Nigeria residents due to the absence and/or in-efficiency of required infrastructure
is a fall-out of this
this is what is manifesting in the electricity sector in the
frequent and seemingly un-rectifiable scenario of virtually incessant power outages.

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Samuel Ojekwe is essentially just your basic everyday fellow that you see in your neighbourhood while you go about doing your stuff and who, like you, wishes and hopes that the world becomes a better place for all of us.

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