language and it’s use can be very fluid.

for example,
a folk may tell an outright fib i.e tell an outright lie
another folk with a thing for the use of language may simply say that

that folk was being economical with the truth
instead of saying
point-blank .. no-holds-barred .. that the other folk was fibbing / lying.

i guess that sort of fluidity of meaning and fluidity of interpretation
may apply to the terminology


which in some fields / areas
sort of essentially refers to a scenario where

a communicator is sending out a message / communication
and the receiver of the communication
sees that communication as something not to believe

the receiver of the communication has detected

something not entirely wholesome
within and/or linked to that communication.

and i guess that


what hits here in NIGERIA
when folks pick up newspapers
when folks listen to radio
when folks watch TV / television
and see and hear reports of

hundreds of thousands ?
.. millions ? ..
of pre-paid electricity meters being
purportedly sourced by administration
the Electricity Distributing Companies ( Electricity Discos ) in Nigeria

to distribute and install
for millions of residents of Nigeria
whose buildings do not have the new? pre-paid meters

and then match these
news reports to a reality

daily in their everyday lives
they see several folks who have applied for these new? pre-paid meters
and are no nearer to getting them

than, for example,
Adolf Hitler the German mass-murderer of
the Jews/Israelis in Germany at that period of world history

is as near to
being the most globally popular figure in all world history

or as for example,
the wicked King Leopold of Belgium
the mass murder of many Black Africans in Congo, Africa
at that period of world history when
Congo was a colony of Belgium, Europe

is as near to
being the most popular figure in all world history.

By sam

Samuel Ojekwe is essentially just your basic everyday fellow that you see in your neighbourhood while you go about doing your stuff and who, like you, wishes and hopes that the world becomes a better place for all of us.

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