seems to be

that they see an assemblage of companies
who are
till date NOVEMBER 2020

unable to generate and distribute i.e provide 24 hours a day electricity each day of the 365/366 days in a year

unable or otherwise unwilling to fairly bill the occupants of buildings

which either
do not have the new pre-paid meters ( although they have the old still functional electricity meters )
do not have any electricity meter at all ( whether the old-type or any other type )
when giving out their estimated billings to users of electricity whose buildings do not have the new? pre-paid meters

unable or reluctant or unwilling to ensure that every building in Nigeria
that is connected to the electricity grid

has the new pre-paid meter installed in it

despite several media reports suggesting that
administration has

sourced plenty of meters 
given them to the Electricity Discos to install across Nigeria.

you know, Irene nnkeh nm,
it’s probably something for another day, still,
it’s a bit of a strange thing that
an electricity company can go to a building connected to it’s grid
see an old-type meter there which is still working 100% very well
discountenance the meter
issue estimated bills to occupants of that building.

still, there are happenstances that reveal the true essential nature of corporate bodies.

and the public visibility with which
this has happened,
this has been happening
and is still happening across Nigeria

may be a reflection of the true nature of these Electricity Discos.

and it’s also,
a bit of a poser, really, Irene ormaahleechar nm, that
if it is true that
new? pre-paid meters have been sourced and given to the Electricity Discos
to distribute and install,

how come they are not moving about with gusto
to ensure that every building in Nigeria has the new? pre-paid meter ?

or for that matter

moving about in such a way as to suggest
to the casual, cursory observer that
it is among their intents / intentions to achieve
… even if only in the extremely very long run …
a situation where every building in Nigeria has the new? pre-paid meter ?

still, as most residents of Nigeria may have surmised
all of these happenstances
may be a pointer to
some sort of reflection of
the true nature of these Electricity Discos.

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