there’s been news around the world recently that PFIZER – the global pharmaceutical giant is working on a COVID-19 VACCINE that has so far shown at least 90% success rate when used in treating COVID-19 patients.

according to these news, if i understood the news correctly, a key driver of this process is a Nigerian Medical Doctor located in the USA.

and his name is : DR. ONYEAMA OGBUAGU

from that name, the chap is probably an Igbo-tribe/Ibo-tribe Nigerian or an Igbo-language-speaking-Nigerian/Ibo-language-speaking-Nigerian.

and according to his biography as posted on global international news, he actually went to medical school here in Nigeria, Western Africa, Africa before re-locating to the USA.

so, it is a fair guess that he has some talents and gifts in the areas of health, medicine and science and when he got to the USA, the USA environment with it’s high profile science equipment and high profile science orientation provided the opportunity for his science gifts to show and to grow with one result being that now he is closely involved with the process of developing a COVID-19 VACINE via/at PFIZER.

different strokes for different folks, i guess.
one time USA police killed USA black man GEORGE FLOYD in a most horrible manner.
and now the same USA is providing opportunity for the science gifts of Negro-land Africa black man DR. ONYEAMA OGBUAGU to show.
people’s destinies, fortunes, opportunities, fates in life differ and are different and specific for each individual person .. according to an old Onitsha-Igbo / Onitsha-Ibo native wisdom.

anyway, so PFIZER, USA and science in USA is projecting up a Nigeria folk who is involved in the process of creating/coming up with the PFIZER COVID-19 VACCINE.

and now we take a look at NAFDAC, NIGERIA and all the claims on news media in Nigeria by some Nigeria scientists and researchers
.. especially during the COVID-19 LOCKDOWN in NIGERIA ..
► they have cures for the COVID-19 DISEASE/ILLNESS
► they have sent these cures/medicines to NAFDAC
► NAFDAC has validated??? them
► despite and inspite of NAFDAC validating these cures/medicines, the NIGERIA GOVERNMENT has not invested massively in the production and dissemination of these cures
despite the NIGERIA GOVERNMENT’s awareness of the existence of these cures/medicines
despite the huge sums of money available to the NIGERIA GOVERNMENT to invest in this area
despite the NIGERIA GOVERNMENT’s strong awareness of the financial handicap of scientists and researchers in Nigeria who, as a general rule of thumb, don’t have the funds to go into huge-scale/large-scale manufacture of their cures/medicines.

by the way, NAFDAC = Nigeria Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control

and by the way, what does it mean to validate a drug ?
it means that you have checked it out and it does what the manufacturer says it does, isn’t it ?

so, what’s going on ?

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