in many ways, it is to me, a very silly question.

and so, lots of times, i really don’t answer it.
i just tell them that in sports anything can happen anytime.

and i leave it at that.

what kind of a silly question is that anyway ?

arrange a match devoid of

Serena Williams is defeated at the US Open by Naomi Osaka — Quartz

● shenanigans  
● other sleights of hand
● irritants and
● irritations

on-court and off-court

In Williams-Osaka Reboot, a Buffer Between U.S. Opens - The New York Times

a 100% support, for example, from Sam i.e me for Serena Williams and
a 100% support, for example, from Sam i.e me for Naomi Osaka

and a Serena Williams in top form
and a Naomi Osaka in top form

and child-birth and child up-bringing by Serena Willaims noted
and marriage and married life by Serena Williams noted

both players in their best form physically and mentally

and let’s see the result.

no need for silly, stupid arguments.
no need for silly, stupid theories.
no need for silly, stupid loquacious-ness and verbous-ness / verbosity.

arrange such a scenario and then we will all see the results, won’t we ?

By sam

Samuel Ojekwe is essentially just your basic everyday fellow that you see in your neighbourhood while you go about doing your stuff and who, like you, wishes and hopes that the world becomes a better place for all of us.

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