i suppose S probably means different things to different people.

the fundamental commonality though is that for all persons all over the world
it is definitively and decidedly
an alphabet among the other alphabets
that form the basis of the english language lexicon and vocabulary.

and that being the case,
it’s usage and appearance varies according to
the flexibility and adaptability of
the english language lexicon, vocabulary, lexis and structure.

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for example,
you could add S to hat and get hats which is an acceptable plural.
however if you add S to box you get boxs which is not acceptable since the accepted spelling is boxes.

and at the same time you could use S to start a word itself e.g stop .. and for that matter .. start.

my english language name is Samuel sometimes shortened to Sammy or Sam as the fancy takes the individual(s) addressing my person.
so, S can clearly start not just words as in simple, it can actually start names as in Serena and Samuel.
no need here really to list a whole other names like Stephanie, Stephen, Slyvia, Slyvester, etc.
the point stands by itself and is self-evident.

the word that the letter S begins does not necessarily need to be a command like stop or start
or even a doing-action like stand up, sit down, stay back, start up, etc
can, in fact, be a descriptive word.

and it is this adaptability of the letter S
the range of the words / wordings it captures

that came to my mind back in the day 2012 when i searched for a way to describe you as i perceived you to be from following you via the internet and some of it’s web-sites.

Serena Williams debuts new clothing line S by Serena at NYFW

and so, the search for an appropriate descriptive use of language for your person as you appeared to my perception to be evolved through stuff like


Why do so many men think they could win a point off Serena Williams? | Serena  Williams | The Guardian

to words that could describe your magnificent performance in any competition of 6 rounds ( or 7 rounds as some of them then began to seem to turn out to be back in the day 2012, 2013, 2014 and thereabouts. previously, it had seemed that it was male folk that did a 7 match(es) type of thing competition. )

i also sort of searched for a word and/or words that could sum up your cumulative performance if for any reason you didn’t complete the 6 ( or 7 ) matches.

and so, for example, i used SERENA FORMIDABLE when you left
BNL INTERNAZONALI D’TALIA at MATCH 4 STAGE due to a recurrent injury back in the day then.

i don’t remember now if i had come up with those wordings at and by the time of your 2012 MIAMI OPEN MATCH with SAMANTHA STOTSUR at which competition you also left at MATCH 4 STAGE if my memory serves correctly.

however, it seems to my memory that by the time of US OPEN 2012 and WIMBLEDON 2012 earlier, i had been able to sort of capture the effervescent quality of your rare talent and exceptional skills and phenomenal gifts in the words / wordings







although i was wont to sometimes variegate at MATCH 4 and MATCH 5 STAGES with SERENA STUNNING.

How to Serve in Tennis | Tennis Serve Tips for Beginners - Tennis Racket  Pro | Tennis serve, Serena williams tennis, Tennis

i don’t really see that there is value here and now in my going into the SERENA WINNER O, O, O ! SONG that i used to do on the internet whenever you won a competition back in the day then.

so, i guess it probably suffices to say that, really, S probably means different things to different people.

and for me, the alphabet S and it’s linked words/wordings
provided an opportunity and a forum
via which to describe your magnificent lawn-tennis play.

simple. ← ←←Nigeria Use of English.
fullstop. ← ←← The English Grammar ( and also International English)
period. ← ←← USA English

yeah, Serena aezeegboh ohbee nm nnkeh nnookwoo, yeah.

really ………

By sam

Samuel Ojekwe is essentially just your basic everyday fellow that you see in your neighbourhood while you go about doing your stuff and who, like you, wishes and hopes that the world becomes a better place for all of us.

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