i remember that year 2012.
and i remember that January 2012.
it’s all of 8 years ago now as at date December 2020.

that January 2012 we had a President of Nigeria called President Goodluck Jonathan.
he hails from the historical oil-and-gas producing region of Nigeria i.e South-South Zone Nigeria.
he also has a Ph.D degree and had been a lecturer for some time in the University.
he had been Vice-President of Nigeria and then the Nigeria President ; President Umaru Yaradua had died

ALHAJI UMARU YARADUA, former president of Nigeria

and he had taken over the helm of affairs as ruler i.e president of Nigeria.

Nigeria's Kidnapped Girls: President Goodluck Jonathan Pledges Action | Time
DR. GOODLUCK JONATHAN, former president of Nigeria

President Yaradua had been well liked by many persons and he had a linkage to a certain Nigeria Army General Shehu Musa Yaradua who had been very powerful and influential in his day


in Nigeria and

had some years after retirement from the Nigeria Army being involved as a civilian in Nigeria Politics



had been at the very top of Nigeria politics and had run as leading candidate for political office in Nigeria under the aegis of the then SDP ( Social Democratic Party ).

Serena ohbee nm, i suppose this component of the History of Nigeria is being taught or at least should be taught in Nigeria Secondary Schools and Nigeria Primary Schools as part of the Modern History of Nigeria.

in any case, i guess you can google it.

anyway, as i was saying, many persons hadn’t liked the news of the death of President Yaradua.

however, many persons took solace in the development that the new president i.e President Jonathan Goodluck hailed from the oil-producing Niger Delta area of Nigeria which has historically for many years since the discovery of oil in Oloibiri, Niger Delta Area, Nigeria essentially been the goose that laid the golden eggs for Nigeria


was (is?) despite this an area that lamented of neglect and marginalization by the Nigeria administration.

so many hoped that he would halt and reverse the neglect and marginalization of the Niger Delta Area and demonstrate fair play in the equitable placement of investment across all Nigeria.

there was also the hope that being a Ph.D and a lecturer, he would bring his intellectual dexterity to bear of the issues challenging Nigeria, for example, the low value of the Nigeria Naira especially comparative to the United States Dollar and the United Kingdom British Pounds Sterling.

that January 1, 2012, President Jonathan Goodluck addressed the Nigeria nation via a Presidential Speech as has sometimes being the practice in Nigeria History.
if memory serves correctly, he had indicated the removal of oil subsidy in that speech.

Serena ohbee nm, usually, it would seem that here in Nigeria, the removal of oil subsidy has an impact of an increase in the selling price within Nigeria of stuff like Petrol ( Gasoline ), Kerosene, etc
and this in turn, usually? over? time?, has an impact? of a related? increase in the costs? of goods? and services?  across Nigeria.


in any case, that January 1, 2012 President Jonathan Goodluck indicated a removal of oil subsidy.

[ some reference link addresses :
[3] ]

and then also in that same January 2012,►►►

… what date was that ?  January 4? or what ?
… what round of the competition was that ? round 2 ? or round 1 ? or what ?

►►► you had a fall and injured your foot.

won that match eventually, didn’t you ?
with stunning figures i.e stunning results i.e stunning scores.
still, you had to pull out of Brisbane International 2012 so as not to aggravate that injury.

so that January 2012 is a month to be remembered in history.
Nigeria History.
International Ladies/Women’s Lawn-Tennis History.

went back there the next year 2013 and won that cup. didn’t you ?

Serena Scintillating.


and then some years later, for reasons best known to you, you decided to start off your tennis year in Auckland.

didn’t win that competition, did you ?

there was something about the strange winds of Auckland, wasn’t there ?

anyway, your name is Serena Williams, isn’t it ?

so you went back again to Auckland some time later and won that Auckland competition.

it’s no wonder folks around the world take a look at you when they want to do a sort of come-back thing and/or a resilience type of thing.

anyway, it’s a few days to New Year Day 2021 now.

and that means, also, a few days to the take-off of the 2021 International Lawn-Tennis Year.

so, i sort of find myself wondering …

if Serena is going to play this January 2020, where is she going to play ?
can’t be Monterrey definitely. ice or no ice.
and can’t be Melbourne or Madrid or Roland-Garros or Wimbledon or Flushing Meadows for the reasons of the months of the year when these competitions are historically staged.

and now there’s this COVID-19 thing.
there’s a vaccine now, isn’t there ?

anyway, where’s Serena going to play come January 2021 ?
Brisbane ? or Auckland ? or where ?

i suppose as the days unfold we shall all know ….

yeah ….

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By sam

Samuel Ojekwe is essentially just your basic everyday fellow that you see in your neighbourhood while you go about doing your stuff and who, like you, wishes and hopes that the world becomes a better place for all of us.

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