Segos Pumpkin ormaahleechar nm,
this one may take some time
i will
probably need to do more than one post on this one
if i am going to look at the issues objectively

without leaving any stone un-turned.

again, it sort of seems that
( .. perhaps i am wrong ? .. )  
when some blokes interact
via the internet
in real life
beautiful ladies,
they tell the ladies
all sorts of lies and falsehoods
so that the lady will be impressed with them
not stop interacting with them.

Resego nnmaah nm, i am not going to run that way.
i am going to tell you what it is the way i see it.

also, as those wicked happenstances raised a whole lot of direct and collateral issues e.g

the wars among the tribes of the Congo, Central Africa

the Civil War / Nigeria Civil War / Biafra War in Nigeria, Western Africa

the killings in Nigeria of ibo/igbo tribe persons in hausa tribe areas and fulani tribe areas, etc of Northern Nigeria
.. according to rumours since 1940?

.. which have more or less been on international world record
since the 1966?
holocaust killings
against ibos/igbos and other (south-easterners)
in Nigeria
preceding the 1967 – 1970 Biafra War / Nigeria Civil War

.. and which have more or less continued sporadically
in Northern Nigeria
since after the end of the Biafra War / Nigeria Civil War in 1970

( ref : Akaluka? an igbo/ibo tribe man rumoured to have been be-headed / killed right inside a police station / police station prison cell in Northern Nigeria )

{ some reference links :
[3] }

the ethnic-cleansing? killings among the Hutus and Tutsis of Rwanda, Eastern? Africa

etc, etc, etc

and Resego baby, my dear, going into all of that

and then relating it to
the Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa black people’s
holocaust killings
black Africans from other black Africa countries
living in and working in
the Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa,

and then drawing inferences and conclusions from all of that

is going to require :

[1] some sort of general over-view putting together
of events and happenstances

and then

[2] a narrowing down specifically to
the Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa
anti-black persons from other black Africa countries negative events

all of which will ordinarily take some time and energy to get done.

so, Resego nnkeh nm, i am going to avoid a lengthy dissertation
here and now

and just sort of say the key things
the way i see them
in some sort of a nut-shell.

to START :

it is actually
a very bad development
and also
a very dangerous development

white, caucasian aryan Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa citizens were


black Negro Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa citizens


Why I attempted suicide - Nnamdi Azikiwe - P.M. News
Dr. Nnamdi Benjamin Azikiwe. a native of the ibo / igbo tribe of South-Eastern Nigeria is widely acclaimed to be the originator and author of the philosopy, practice and principle of PAN-AFRICAN-ISM. ( PAN AFRICANISM ). he served as Nigeria’s first president from 1960 to 1966 in a government headed by the Fulani tribe Northern Nigerian Alhaji Sir Tafewa Balewa as Nigeria’s first prime minister and de facto head of government

( Apartheid may be defined as the
philosophy, principle and practice
white, aryan, caucasian persons

keeping the black race apart
from mixing with white people
except as
tortured and oppressed sub-human creatures
whose lives are worth-less
can be terminated at any time they so wish by the white people
who are very free to inflict as much pain as possible on the black people generally
as a normal, standard, accepted everyday way of doing things
particularly in the process of terminating their lives )

??➡️➡️ many black Africa citizens of other black Africa countries
who were then
economically better off than the black South Africans
who were also citizens of black Africa countries

where black folks were ruling themselves

unlike the black South Africans then
who were then still colonized i.e still governed i.e still ruled by
what is/was essentially a mix of
Dutch/the Netherlands/Holland persons,
England/UK persons
and other whites
( ref : Afrikaans – the language, Soweto, the Sharpeville Massacre, etc )

File:Kwame nkrumah.jpg - Wikipedia
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, widely believed to be a protege of Nigeria’s Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe served as Ghana’s first president and was an advocate and apostle of PAN-AFRICANISM

??➡️➡️ helped in any way they could
as individual persons
( e.g by contributing whatever small amounts they had to the purse
which was sent to
the persons/groups fighting against apartheid
fighting for the freedom/independence of the black people then
in the Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa )

in addition to
the efforts made by the governments of their countries
e.g Nigeria, etc

and then
when things got better for the blacks of the Republic of South Africa

and around about which same time era,

things got worse economically for
most of these citizens of other black Africa countries
in their own black, Africa countries

causing these black Africans to
leave their own black Africa countries
Western Africa,
Eastern Africa and
Central Africa

to go to the Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa to
seek succour and economic sustenance,

it was actually their fellow blacks from Republic of Southern Africa


that went about
beating them up,
burning them alive and burning their properties,
harassing them to leave RSA or get killed.

( Resego nnkeh nm, i guess Google can help us source videos and write-ups detailing these incidents on the internet )

( some reference links : [1] ( 15 April, 2015. Burnt alive : violence against migrants in South Africa )

( the linked video can be viewed on the internet via the following links :
[1] ,
[2] video url = .
the post had the accompanying legends : March 11, 2014. South African police brutality caught on camera #BBCtrending – BBC News. Subscribe to BBC News A video showing a Nigerian man being brutally attacked by uniformed police in South Africa has sparked public outrage and prompted a heated discussion about the country’s attitudes towards immigrants. #BBCtrending investigates )

[2] ( 21 February, 2017. Vengeful Burning of Migrant Homes )

( the linked video can be viewed on the internet via the following links :
[2] video url =
the post had the accompanying legends : September 4, 2019. South Africa: Five people killed in xenophobic attacks, dozens of businesses burned and looted. Subscribe to France 24 now. Five people have been killed in a surge of xenophobic violence in South Africa, police said on Tuesday, as President Cyril Ramaphosa vowed to clamp down and the African Union, Nigeria and Zambia condemned the attacks. )

[ END OF (1) ]


By sam

Samuel Ojekwe is essentially just your basic everyday fellow that you see in your neighbourhood while you go about doing your stuff and who, like you, wishes and hopes that the world becomes a better place for all of us.

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