it would have been much better if it was WHITE FOLKS and/or INDIANS and/or ARABS that did all these wickedness

Léopold Sédar Senghor - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia
Leopold Senghor. first president of Senegal in French language speaking Western Africa i.e Francophone Africa is credited with the introduction of the concept of NEGRITUDE into french speaking Africa. many view NEGRITUDE as an adaptation of the anglophone Nigeria’s Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe’s PAN-AFRICANISM philosopy to the francophone black Africa region.

because ( to illustrate my meaning by example ) now,  

if a racist, supremacist apartheid-upholder white, Aryan, caucasian Republic of Southern Africa, South Africa citizen now tells a black Malawi or Ghana or Nigeria citizen :

you black Africa people are stupid. very stupid.
look at the black South Africans that you people helped free from apartheid and what they have done to your citizens in the Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa.
you stupid, brain-less, good-for-nothing black Africa morons should have left the white folks in the Republic of Southern Africa, Southern Africa to continue using apartheid to suppress and rule those bastards.
now, what have any or all of you gained from all your anti-apartheid struggles ?

what reasonable reply do you think the black Malawi or Ghana or Nigeria citizen can give ?

also, Resego Tshabadira nm, going for example,
by the happenstance of
Ghana in Western Africa, Africa expelling Nigeria citizens from Ghana in the 1960s
and the retaliatory? later
in 1979?/1980? expelling of Ghana citizens from Nigeria in Western Africa, Africa

what do you think will happen if in the future black Republic of Southern Africa, Africa citizens for any reasons move in large numbers to settle in Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi or Zimbabwe, etc?

Kenneth Kaunda. first president of Zambia, Eastern? Africa was an advocate and apostle of PAN-AFRICANISM

furthermore, Resego fine babe,
looking at the economies and economic history of Negro-land Africa i.e Sub-Saharan Africa countries
e.g Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe,Nigeria, etc  
do you know any/many black Africa country/countries that has/have not witnessed a down-turn in it’s economy at some point since the blacks there started ruling themselves ?

Resego ohbee nm, what i mean by that is this :
if the black people ruling all these countries since white folks started allowing them to rule their countries by themselves i.e since they got self-rule / independence have at some point or the other in the economic history since then mis-managed the economic buoyancy that the white colonial rulers handed over to them at their independence, then
the Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa is going to be a rare exception to this historically observed pattern if those black folks ruling Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa
don’t mismanage the entire thing at a/some point in the emerging future
with a resultant economic misery on their people as has been seen at some point or the other
in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, etc, etc.

Robert Mugabe dies aged 95 | eNCA
Dr. Robert Mugabe, freedom fighter extra-ordinary and first black president of Zimbabwe, Southern Africa

you know, Resego Tshabadira, babe,
according to rumours,
Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki and some other black South Africans  stayed in Nigeria for a while during the apartheid period.

and according to rumours,
Nigeria also gave some black South Africans scholarships to study at Universities in Nigeria during the apartheid period.

Resego ormaahleechar nm, if any of these rumours has any basis,
do you think that in future black South Africans will be welcomed with opened arms by the general Nigeria public the way they were received very freely in the past ?

GOD FORBID that the economy in RSA has a major down-turn like Nigeria, etc experienced
if black Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa citizens at any time in the already emerging future start going to
Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, etc
because of economic down-turn in the Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa,
and the citizens of  these countries and their governments remember the un-called for and un-justifiable wickedness, brutality, murders, killings, burnings, stealings, lootings, etc that the black Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa citizens meted out to them i.e dished out to them i.e un-leashed upon them and react emotionally,
things will most likely be bloody for any black Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa citizens that finds himself / herself in any of these countries at such a time.

or do you think that citizens of countries that have suffered wickedness and deaths at the hands of black  Republic of South Africa, Southern Africa citizens will not retaliate against them if the opportunity presents ?

and what impact do you think this/these sort of negative thing(s) has/have and will have on the spirit, concept and philosophy of Black Africa Unity ?

the fantastic Bob Marley live at Zimbabwe in 1980

and what impact do you think this/these sort of negative thing(s) has/have and will have on the concept of the Black and Negro peoples world-wide co-operating in unity ?

the superb Bob Marley performs his everlasting song AFRICA UNITE at Santa Barbara in 1979

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