Rihanna ormaahleechar nm, the story is told in all Onitsha.

Rihanna ohbee nm, i suppose Onitsha plays a notable part in this story
Onitsha is and was the first place in
the entire
and Igbo-language speaking/Ibo-language speaking areas
thatthe white, aryan, caucasian Christian Missionaries from Europe
set up base in.

you know, Rihanna nnmaah nm,
despite all the

deliberate, wicked, vicious, malfeasant
► mis-management of information,
► dis-information,
► mis-information,
► obliteration,
► hiding,
► removal,
► false re-presentation / falsified re-presentation / false-hood containing re-presentation

of a lot of historical events in Nigeria

i guess presently no one can change
the essential truth that
the european, white, aryan, caucasian Christian Missionaries
did not all come to Onitsha
on the same day or in the same year.

and for that matter,
neither did
the european, white, aryan, caucasian Christian Missionaries did
all come to
any other part and/or all other parts of
the Nigeria Area / the Niger Area / the River Niger Area
on the same day or in the same year.

Rihanna nnkeh nm, staying focused on our story-line,
from all available indications,
the Anglicans i.e the Church Missionary Society ( CMS ) got to Onitsha first.
then some years later, the Roman Catholics i.e the Catholic Church got to Onitsha.

Rihanna nnkeh, i guess you know very well that the term :
“ the Anglicans ”
used in that sentence above there refers to
the Anglican Church
and therefore to the Church of England.

also, while it is neither here nor there really right now,
i guess Rihanna nm, that you know very well that
“ Angle-terre ” is the French translation word for Eng-land
“ Angle-terre ” is the French translation word English-land
“Angle-terre ” is the French translation word the land of the English people.
and perhaps? that you have heard the rumours that the term
“ Los Angeles ” is a
.. latin-american? .. mexicano? .. native-american-indian? ..
expression meaning
“ the England/English people ”

so much for the latin base of the languages of Europe.

to get back to our story-line, Rihanna ornyeh nnkeh nm,
it is said that

when the Western Europe  Christian missionaries got to Onitsha,
the Obi of Onitsha i.e the King of Onitsha received them very well
this warm reception and
related acceptance and
related gestures of acceptance
of the Western Europe Christian Missionaries
the Obi of Onitsha and his people i.e the Onitsha[s]
contributed to the decision of the European Christian Missionaries to
not only set up base in Onitsha

but in fact to also further additionally
make Onitsha their head-quarters
from where they would spread Christianity to the Igbo/Ibo hinter-land i.e
to the other parts of Igbo-land / Ibo-land
and in particular to
the further-in, more remote and less immediately accessible parts of
the Igbo-land/Ibo-land area and the Igbo/Ibo language speaking areas.

Rihanna nm, one thing led to another

● they set up schools
● they set up primary schools
● they set up secondary schools
● they taught the Onitsha black Africans
and all the black African residents of Onitsha
to speak their own European language i.e English
●they also decided to translate the Holy Bible
from their own European language into the Igbo/Ibo language
i.e from English into Igbo/Ibo

starting first with a translation into
the Onitsha Dialect of the Igbo/Ibo language
as the Igbo/Igbo has various dialects
the Owerri Dialect ( Or-weh-reh Dialect),
the Nsukka Dialect ( Nn-suh-kah Dialect ),

the truth though is that
the white european Christian missionaries
are/were not the only white folks that
came to Onitsha and
to the River Niger Area / the Niger Area / the Nigeria Area

and/or to Black Africa.

( END OF [1] )


By sam

Samuel Ojekwe is essentially just your basic everyday fellow that you see in your neighbourhood while you go about doing your stuff and who, like you, wishes and hopes that the world becomes a better place for all of us.

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