Victoria Cakes omalicham ( omalicha m )
(omalicha nm ) ( ormahleechar nm ),
it is probably best that i start off by saying to you that

?? a thing about Nigeria is that Nigeria has
.. at least as at today circa May 2022 ..
experts in virtually

every area of intellectual endeavour
managerial activity
management activity
administration activity
administrative activity

known to mankind i.e humanity

and that
many of these knowledgeable persons have received accolades
for their professional activity

? internationally
? Europe,
? the Americas,
? Asia,
? the Arab environment,
? etc

? locally
??? here in Nigeria

and that this expertise is manifest in

? Medicine & Surgery, Nursing and the Medical / Health Sciences,
? Dental Surgery, Dentistry & the Dental Sciences,
? Pharmacy & the Pharmaceutical Sciences,
? Veterinary Medicine & the Vertinary / Animal Sciences,
? Engineering,
? Law,
? Architecture,
? the Sciences,
? the Biological Sciences,
? Biotechnology,
? the Physical Sciences,
? the Environmental Sciences,
? the Social Sciences,
? the Management Sciences,
? the Humanities,
? the Arts,
? Music,
? Sports,
? etc, ? etc

with a result,
Victoria Cakes nkem ( nke m ) ( nkeh m ) ( nkeh nm ) that
many tested, seasoned and proven individuals

.. irrespective of their career backgrounds i.e their professional backgrounds ..

? in personal conversations
? in other more public fora of discourse

? seemingly viable solutions and answers
? seemingly workable solutions and answers to Nigeria’s challenges.

Victoria Cakes nmam ( nma m ) ( nnmah m ) ( nnmah nm ),
?? another thing about Nigeria is
a cursory look at some of the recommendations
that have been aired
in the public space

seems to portray a circumstance that
Nigerians have not left the profferment / proffering of recommendations for
the ailing Nigeria Economy
?solely to

? the practioneers of the Social Sciences,
? the practioneers of the Management Sciences,

? to those learned and erudite in Economics,
? to those learned and erudite in Finance,
? to those learned and erudite in Accounting / Accountancy,
? to those learned and erudite in Banking,
? to those learned and erudite in Management,
? to those learned and erudite in Administration,
? to those learned and erudite in Business Administration,
? etc

but have seemingly
all laboured valiantly to contribute a quota
solving the Nigeria Economic and Social dilemma

a scenario,
Victoria Cakes onye nkem ( onye nke m )
( ornyeh nkeh m ) ( ornyeh nkeh nm ),
which in itself and by itself
seems to strongly give rise to rumours that

there sort of seems to be a major disconnect between
? those who hold key, influential office in Nigeria


? those who have the insight
? those who have the foresight
? those who have the perception
? those who have the understanding
? those who have the vision
can turn things around for the better.

be that as it may be
despite, inspite of and irrespective of

? all learned and not so learned recommendations
? all informed and not so informed recommendations
? all expert and not to so expert recommendations

i take a stand to be corrected that
in all that
⬛◾Nigeria may do to revamp the Nigeria National Socio-Economy
⬛◾Nigeria may not do to revamp the Nigeria National Socio-Economy

if Nigeria wants the Nigeria Socio-Economy to survive and thrive

Nigeria will ?necessarily and ?compulsorily
?⛳ whether Nigeria likes it or not
?⛳ whether Nigeria wants to do so or not to do so
?⛳ sooner or later
?⛳ at some point(s)
have to

✅ put in dedicated effort,
✅ put in consistent effort,
✅ put in continous effort
✅ put in genuine effort

in at least the 3 key areas of

?️ the security of the lives of persons in Nigeria
?️ the security of the properties of persons in Nigeria

reliable, readily available, affordable sources of power
?️ for industries,
?️ for companies,
?️ for offices,
?️ for manufacturing concerns,
?️ for residential abodes,
?️etc, ?️etc

the continuing? and continous? devaluation/devaluing of which
since 1989?
has led to
myriads of self-evident socio-economic palaver

such as

? closure of manufacturing concerns,
? retrenchments of staff and workers,
? burgeoning un-employment


to issues such as
?❌❌❌ Nigerians getting enslaved, raped and killed in Arab North Africa
in a bid to escape economic hardship in Nigeria
by getting into the far much better managed buoyant? Economies of Europe
the Sahara Desert and North Africa.


By sam

Samuel Ojekwe is essentially just your basic everyday fellow that you see in your neighbourhood while you go about doing your stuff and who, like you, wishes and hopes that the world becomes a better place for all of us.

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