PEBBELZ OHBEE NM, the basic truth is that those words “ HOW ARE THE MIGHTY FALLEN ” can NOT in all sincerity be applied to NIGERIA circa 2021 A.D as a SPEAKING OUT IN FAITH of the LIVING WORD OF GOD or even as a quotation in context of either part(s) or all of a BIBLICAL VERSE although it CAN be applied to Nigeria as a phrase or some sort of idiom in conversational speech that reflects Nigeria’s overall cumulative socio-economic reality today circa 2021 A.D as compared to Nigeria’s overall cumulative socio-economic reality as at either circa 1974 A.D or either circa 1980 A.D [1]

Pebbelz nnkeh nm, the basic truth is that looking at NIGERIA today 2021 A.Dit is self-evident that █ the quality… Read More

RESEGO NNMAH NM, looks like the WORLD PUBLIC has to wait until another BRAVE LAWN-TENNIS PLAYER is forced by desperate? circumstances to TAKE THE EVIL? BULL BY THE HORNS before the WORLD PUBLIC gets a clear, un-equivocal insight as to what the FINAL RESOLUTION of the MANAGERS OF INTERNATIONAL LAWN-TENNIS TOURNAMENTS regarding PLAYERS who have HEALTH ISSUES and the ATTENDANCE OF PRESS CONFERENCES is

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SERENA AEZEEGBOH OHBEE NM NNKEH NNOOKWOO, just taking a look at EMMANUEL IFEAJUNA the FIRST NIGERIAN ( and only? Nigerian thus far JANUARY 2021 ) to win a GOLD MEDAL for NIGERIA at the COMMONWEALTH GAMES and whose name is thus far JANUARY 2021 NOT INCLUDED in the NIGERIA NATIONAL SPORTS HALL OF FAME because – according to rumours – he participated in a military coup. [2]

[ CONTINUED FROM (1) ] EMMA IFEAJUNA was also a University graduate. Serena nm, if you take into cognizance that… Read More